Review: Beyond scandal and desire – Lorraine Heath

Let’s talk about Beyond scandal and desire, the first book of the Sins for all seasons series, which brings the story of Mick Trewlove. Take a look at the synopsis:

At birth, Mick Trewlove, the illegitimate son of a duke, was handed over to a commoner. Despite his lowly upbringing, Mick has become a successful businessman, but all his wealth hasn’t satisfied his need for revenge against the man who still won’t acknowledge him. What else can Mick do but destroy the duke’s legitimate son—and woo the heir’s betrothed into his own unloving arms…

Orphaned and sheltered, Lady Aslyn Hastings longs for a bit of adventure. With her intended often preoccupied, Aslyn finds herself drawn to a darkly handsome entrepreneur who seems to understand her so well. Surely a lady of her station should avoid Mick Trewlove. If only he weren’t so irresistible…

As secrets are about to be exposed, Mick must decide if his plan for vengeance is worth risking what his heart truly desires.​

So I think it’s pretty clear that the main couple are completely different. They had completely different lives, they socialize with completely different places and they attended very different events. Even so, fate wanted them together… and by fate, I mean Mick. Why, you’d ask? Because Aslyn’s guardian is Mick’s biological father.

But Aslyn is not Mick’s main goal. What he really wants is to ruin his half-brother’s life – so that when he’s done, his father, who happens to be the duke of Hedley, would have no choice but to publicly acknowledge Mick as his son. In this scenario, Aslyn is just a mean to an end.

But Mick didn’t count that he actually could like lady Aslyn. Since their first encounter, he’s intrigued with the lady – even knowing that a relationship between them is completely out of the table. It gets a little more complicated because Aslyn, even knowing that her guardians would never allow her to have a relationship with a bastard, can’t stay away from Mick.

At first, it seems like a hackneyed plotline, a story that would certainly be full of cliches. And we do find some of that in the book, but what’s really great about it is Lorraine Heath’s ability to bring up sensible themes without turning the book into something too dramatic.

Lots of topics are discussed in the book, and I loved that lady Aslyn, who was raised with all the pomp one could get, have to face some realities she didn’t even know existed. But I’m not saying this because I didn’t like her, ok? On the contrary, I thought it really enriched the character. Aslyn grew up basicaly confined within the duke’s properties. She didn’t think that there was a life out there that she could want… she’s even happy with her engagement with Kipwick, the duke’s legitimate son. But that’s until she meets Mick: a men with a intriguing past, who battled to improve his conditions, who lives with a liberty she never knew she wanted.

Mick, for his turn, is enthralling! And let’s be honest: we don’t want a half-assed hero. So I’m really glad to say that Mick is all we love and even more. For starters, Mick had his first blow when he was just a baby, when his father left him in Ettie Trewlove’s door. And since it was no golden cradle, he had to work since he was a child (which was very common back then, I dare say. Children were put to work for twelve hours a day!).

This difficulties were the fuel to Mick’s triumph. He wanted to show to his father what he was capable of, and more than that, he wanted to help his foster mother and his siblings: Fancy, Gillie, Aiden, Finn and Ben.

By the way, the Sins for all seasons series is about these siblings – who have no blood conection, but love each other. Gillie and Finn alrealy have their own books, but they haven’t been published in Brazil yet (I really hope they will).

But finishing up this review, let me say I loved the chemistry between Mick and Aslyn, and everything they can teach each other. I loved the background of Mick’s story, the fact that he was one of the bastards that were taken to poor women so they could deal with them – a very sad custom that actually happened. I loved Mick’s siblings and loved the scenes where they appeared. And I loved the end.

I hope you enjoyed it!

With love, Roberta.

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