Jane Austen’s London – Part 2

Last week, I wrote this post (which is not yet available for english readers) about the London Jane Austen would’ve known. But it’ll take me a lot more than one post to cover all there is to know about this subject – London is and has been fascinating since the beginning of times! Today I chose

Christmas in Jane Austen’s time – 3

The last part of our christmas special! And this being the last, I wanted to be really special. So I thought: what can I do? We’ve learned that christmas in the early XIX century wasn’t like the christmas we’re used to. There were no christmas trees, no gift giving (well, it was not all about

Christmas in Jane Austen’s time – 2

It’s beggining to look a lot like christmas… And every year is crazy for me. I love this time of the year (who doesn’t?) and I feel like I can’t miss the oportunity to go outside and see the lights, the people, the decorations, santa claus and all the things we can only enjoy during