Christmas in Jane Austen’s time – 1

Who loves christmas? I’m fascinated by this time of the year! I love to decorate the house, I listen to christmas songs in the car and have a collection of christmas toys (my favorite one is my christmas hat who sings and dances). If I could choose, the Holiday season would last the whole year,

Abigail Adams Smith – Breast cancer and mastectomy in the XIX century

It’s october and it’s never too much to remember that other than Halloween, october is also the breast cancer awareness month (pink october). Due to that, I decided to write little about a figure that may be well known in America, but not that notorious in Brazil (where I’m from): Abigail Adams Smith. Abigail “Nabby”

Bem-estar animal no século XIX

Hoje é o dia mundial dos animais (e, para os católicos, dia de São Francisco de Assis). Em homenagem à data, resolvi fazer um post sobre como eram tratados os animais na Inglaterra do século XIX. Lembrando, sempre, que a abordagem aqui não é tão profunda quanto eu gostaria (por falta de tempo e material