Hi there! My name is Roberta Ouriques, I’m 28 years old and have a Law Degree on Ponta Grossa State University. Although I didn’t give up my profession, I decided to invest in something where I’ve always found a passion: reading!

Not only with classic and historical novels my bookshelf is made of, but I must admit that those are my favorites. So much that, without noticing, I ended up with and immense book collection and another modest collection of movies and TV shows. Oh, and lots of researching on my free time.

You cand find me on my social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TV Time, Pinterest e Skoob) and also the blog’s social media (Facebook)

I hope to meet each one of this blog’s readers and I will be very happy on receiving your feedback. And remember: I’m a portuguese speaker, passionate for the english language. But everyone’s up for mistakes, right? I trust that english speaker readers will let me know when I mess up!

In case you have some doubt about something related to historical novels, suggestions for the website,  recommendations or anything else, feel free to get in touch trough the e-mail below:


In case you want to send something by mail, my address is:

Rua Francisco Manoel da Silva, nº 27

Bairro Uvaranas, Ponta Grossa – PR

Cep: 84020-260 (ZIP Code)


Love, Roberta.