Easter in Jane Austen’s time

I have no doubt that Easter is the most important holiday to christians all over the world. And even though is very much truth that we love Easter bunnies and all the chocolate, this date is so much more than that: it’s the day when we celebrate Christ’s resurrection. It is a holiday that is celebrated everywhere and it has been celebrated for quite a while. So, how about we learn how Easter was like do Jane Austen and her kins? Spoiler: there was no chocolate lol.

Jane Austen had a clergyman for a father, so I’m pretty sure they took Easter very seriously. They would begin the Easter sunday with a service at the church, where the reading would probably be John, 20 (as suggested by the Book of Common Prayer), and songs would be sang in honor of the day:

But the whole Easter period (Easter and the following forty days, until the Ascension Sunday) was a time to visit friends and family. And in the forty days prior to Easter Sunday, people would have to observe lent (a period of fasting, even though the fast wasn’t absolute, considering they broke it on sundays). People could not eat, mainly, eggs, dairy, sugar and meat (meat wasn’t allowed on fridays). But the lent wasn’t just about the food: people wouldn’t attend balls and parties and, in London, parliament would open until Easter was passed.

You can learn a lot more on the subject on the sites I listed as sources below 😉

Happy Easter everyone!!

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Image info: “The brave deserve the fair”, Henry Gillard Glindoni.
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